I am a Dutch artist, living and working in Finland since 1999.

I graduated in Antwerp with a degree in Audiovisuals and Graphic arts. After experimenting a few years, I found myself involved in illustration, becoming more and more part of my work. I feel it s like an exciting toolbox consisting endless colours,  forms and materials. I try to do a bit of magic with it, by approaching each project from my hart. I m intrigued by the communication with coworkers and clients, in search of a common visual language. Therefore my style is not so much defined by a clear visual line, but rather by a certain sensitivity.

My love for and connection with natures processes, is most often found in my works. I like to use illustration in different sizes, and disciplines: from storybooks to teaching materials, magazines, wallpaintings, related to products, screen projections in theatre and interactive projects in schools and elderly houses.